Audition Success: Getting to the Top of the Pile




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Top of the Pile:  Auditions Workshop

Next Date:

Saturday September 30, 2023 at 1pm EST

On zoom with recording 


🧨  Why and how you interview them. Not the other way around.

🧨 At least 20 benefits of music that everyone forgets about

🧨 How to get to the top of the pile with exceptional songwriting projects

🧨 The 9 things every admissions counselor wants in you

🧨 The right and wrong reasons to go to school

🧨 Endless ideas for ways you can give it to them

🧨 Where to start if you’re good at either poetry or music but never tried to write a song

🧨 3 ways to learn songwriting fast and start writing your own songs everyday

🧨 What to do if you hate all of your ideas or don’t feel inspired

🧨 How duality is the one and only thing that stops us from creating

🧨 Why I hate modern day gratitude practices

🧨 How emotions are actually angels and what they’re trying to tell us

🧨 6 Creative ways to get song ideas

🧨 3 Innovative ways to co-write a song

🧨 4 Ways to show off your extraordinary songwriting project and look like a pro