Real Resonance Two Day Vocal Workshop




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Next Date: 

September 2-3, 2023

1-3pm EST on both days.

with playback recording

Everything you need to know to sing loud, strong, and with confidence.

6 hours total, Live on Zoom with a recording afterwards.

Discover the Power of YOUR One-of-a-Kind Voice.

Your chance to FINALLY take responsibility for your voice!

NOT SINGING’ when you have a voice is almost like ‘not walking’ when you have legs… or ‘keeping the blinds down’ everyday even though you have a stunning seaside view and 20/20 vision.

The voice can be an incredibly powerful instrument in many life situations, even outside of singing.  Don’t miss out on giving yourself the gift of a strong and powerful one!

You’ll walk away from this masterclass with an understanding of YOUR voice as an instrument, how to take care of it, how to use it, and much more!

You’ll have all the tools you need to get READY to sing in any situation, for anyone, in any moment.

You’ll know how to reveal your REAL, one-of-a-kind voice and not sound like anyone else….

and much more!


What You’ll Learn…


🎙 How to uncover YOUR one-of-a-kind voice, with ‘real resonance’, through proper support, technique, and fundamentals.

🎙 How to avoid injuries and aging of the voice by taking proper care of your voice through lifestyle, diet, proper hydration, and technique.  Make your voice last a lifetime.

🎙 How you to consider everything that goes into your body, as well as everything that may need to come out of your body and how to notice if and when your voice has been affected.

🎙 I help you to use singing and frequencies to resolve emotional trauma, reset your nervous system, and support your body in healing

🎙 I help you discover obstacles that may be impeding your voice, such as environmental toxins

🎙 and much more…