Real Resonance: Vocal Masterclass


A 2 Day Vocal Masterclass with Shelly Wade

The ONLY Vocal Class
You’ll Ever Need to
Discover the Power of YOUR
One-of-a-Kind Voice

July 22, 2023 12pm-3pm EST
July 23, 2023 12pm-3pm EST
*Live on Zoom + Recording with PDF



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Discover the Power of YOUR One-of-a-Kind Voice

with the NEW…

Real Resonance Masterclass

     A 6 Hour Vocal Masterclass with Shelly Wade


*Next Dates:

July 22, 2023 12pm-3pm EST

July 23, 2023 12pm-3pm EST

*Live on Zoom + Recording with PDF


About Real Resonance


How would it feel…

🎙 … if you could sing in front of anyone, anywhere, anytime… with no hesitation, and feel amazing about it?

🎙 … if you could LOVE listening to recordings of your voice (as opposed to cringing) ?

🎙 … if you could release your emotions in ANY moment, with the most incredible ‘mother’s hug’, simply by using your own voice.

🎙 … to be able to sing for hours, everyday, and never have to worry about vocal fatigue or getting injured.

🎙 … to finally find your OWN ORIGINAL sound with beautiful color and tone?

🎙 … if you could KNOW in yourself as opposed to believing?

🎙 … to never judge yourself ever again?


Your Host

Shelly Wade

“Through 15 years of performing professionally and coaching young artists in New York City, I have come to notice that the very same three issues are stopping everyone from singing.

I’ve conducted choruses for the Metropolitan Opera Guild, NYC Town Hall, as well as public schools from Brooklyn to the Bronx.

No matter what the age or level of talent, these three issues never fail to have but ONE ‘root cause’…  Beliefs.”

“In performing with some of the most talented musicians in NYC…

In overcoming my own incredibly difficult vocal health journey…

and knowing what it’s like to make a living in NYC doing gigs everyday VS the consequences of not singing at all…

The issues are simple.

You’re not “Doing it”

You’re not “Living it” and 

You’re not “Being It”

What beliefs are stopping you from DOING IT and taking actions by practicing everyday or taking lessons?

What beliefs are stopping you from LIVING IT and getting real experience either on stage or in a studio?

What beliefs are in the way of full AWARENESS of your mind, body, and voice and access to your natural intuition, instinct, and authentic artistry?”


Why should you sign up?

This masterclass is your chance to FINALLY take responsibility for your voice!

NOT SINGING’ when you have a voice is almost like ‘not walking’ when you have legs… or ‘keeping the blinds down’ everyday even though you have a stunning seaside view and 20/20 vision.

The voice can be an incredibly powerful instrument in many life situations, even outside of singing.  Don’t miss out on giving yourself the gift of a strong and powerful one!

You’ll walk away from this masterclass with an understanding of YOUR voice as an instrument, how to take care of it, how to use it, and much more!

You’ll have all the tools you need to get READY to sing in any situation, for anyone, in any moment.

You’ll know how to reveal your REAL, one-of-a-kind voice and not sound like anyone else….

and much more!


What You’ll Learn…


🎙 How to uncover YOUR one-of-a-kind voice, with ‘real resonance’, through proper support, technique, and fundamentals.

🎙 How to avoid injuries and aging of the voice by taking proper care of your voice through lifestyle, diet, proper hydration, and technique.  Make your voice last a lifetime.

🎙 How you to consider everything that goes into your body, as well as everything that may need to come out of your body and how to notice if and when your voice has been affected.

🎙 I help you to use singing and frequencies to resolve emotional trauma, reset your nervous system, and support your body in healing

🎙 I help you discover obstacles that may be impeding your voice, such as environmental toxins

🎙 and much more…


Real Resonance Masterclass

    with Shelly Wade

When & Where?

The next Real Resonance Masterclass will be hosted on Zoom on July 22-23 at 12pm – 3pm EST on both days.

If you cannot attend live, it’s no problem. The full recording will be send out afterwards.


In-Person Masterclasses

If you’re interested in hosting an in-person masterclass in your city or at your home, please email


Class Plans


Get Ready

🎙 the fundamentals of singing including breath support and why you don’t need to worry about your diaphragm

🎙 how to find real resonance and uncover your own true and unique sound

🎙 mechanics, resonance, and basic anatomy of the voice

🎙 stylistic elements for various genres such as phrasing, tone and color, and registers

🎙 how to sing high notes with ease

🎙 practice techniques and how to be your own coach everyday

🎙 advanced techniques of vowel modification, vibrato, and more

🎙 how to keep your voice strong and healthy, and make it last

🎙 how to use emotions for maximum vocal power

🎙 how to balance breath vs tone

🎙 how to control volume and tone in any performance situation

🎙 enunciation and use of consonants

🎙 what to eat and drink to stay properly hydrated and healthy

🎙 lifestyle and healthy living for optimum vitality and stamina

🎙 environmental obstacles that can get in the way of optimal vocal health and performance

🎙 how to properly listen and imitate great singers (we’ll do this by watching clips together)

🎙 how to tune your voice and sound like a pro

🎙 what exactly separates a great karaoke singer from a pro

🎙 how to learn songs quickly for recording sessions or pressure situations

🎙 stage presence

🎙 mind and body awareness techniques

🎙 how to practice properly and record yourself for optimum progress

🎙 musicianship and how to read charts for a band

🎙 reading music vs learning by ear

🎙 Intro to recording vocals and using autotune

🎙 and more


Get Real

🎙 how to become open and free with an original and unique style and voice

🎙 how being charismatic on stage comes from being authentic and true

🎙 expressing emotions in writing original songs

🎙 honoring the self through standing up for you values and truth

🎙 uncovering the real and authentic artist in you

🎙 how your voice can support you in healing

🎙 how to raise your vibration and energy through singing

🎙 how to think and question everything about your voice, your self, and nature

🎙 how to always be the ‘last man standing’ and enjoy performing without pressure, judgement, assumptions, or followings.


Is it Worth it?

The material presented here would take many months to get through in one-on-one lessons at a much higher cost.

Even then, I’m likely not able to get through all of it since students are focusing on repertoire and exercise, etc.

This class is a great value, especially if you’re ready to commit to getting your voice ‘ready’ and ‘real’.


I want you to do this because you want to and because you’re READY.

I want to teach you ways to take full responsibility for your highest goals and dreams in music.  To step on stage at any time, any place… campfire, a karaoke bar, or a Broadway Theater.

Your bonus will be the work YOU put into your voice and music after the masterclass is over.  How many times will you replay it?  How many times will you sit down and record yourself and listen back to coach yourself?

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