Big Hits, Little Hearts: Teaching Kids Songwriting Workshop




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Big Hits, Little Hearts

2 Day Teaching Kids Songwriting Workshop

For Musicians, Teachers, Parents, and Kids

Next workshop: 

August 25, 2023  1-3pm  Full

August 26, 2023 1-3pm  Full


November 18, 2023 @ 1-3pm Open

November 19, 2023 @ 1-3pm  Open


(6 Hours with a Recording and PDF ebook)


Who’s it for?

🚩 Kids who are dedicated, focused, and eager to learn songwriting

🚩 Parents who want to help their children with music at home

🚩 Homeschooling parents who want to give kids a real life experience with music instead of boring music classes or tutorials

🚩 Anyone who wants to be able to teach themselves how to play an instrument. This is ALL you need!

🚩 Music Teachers who are looking to build their studio or school with NO ADVERTISING.

🚩 Musicians who’d like to expand their work to teaching

🚩 Voice Teachers who are tired of students attempting to sing Disney and pop songs that are far too difficult.

🚩 Music Teachers who are bored and need to have more fun, so students can have more fun as well.

🚩 Music Teachers who want to expand their studios to different areas.

🚩 Schools who’d like to start incorporating collaborative sessions and songwriting around the world.

🚩 Teachers who have tried songwriting with kids, but they’re too distracted or unmotivated to finish songs.