Writing Big Hits Workshop




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Next Dates:  October 7, 2023 at 1pm  Open

Learn everything you need to know about songwriting in a weekend!   Lyric tricks, melody and harmony, structure and instrumentation and more.

This 3 hour workshop is focused more on learning all the rules of songwriting, whereas the ‘Heart Verses Rules’ Workshop focuses more on how to break them.


What You’ll Learn:


🎸 Get ‘unstuck’ for good

🎸 Write melodies that stick

🎸 Create unique rhymes that don’t seem corny

🎸 Voicing tricks to make your harmonies sound unique

🎸 How to put your own spin on an otherwise typical chord progression

🎸 How to record pro quality sounding demos

🎸 How to use rhythmic patterns and ostinatos to make songs catchy

🎸  Instrumentation basics and how to choose instruments for parts

🎸 And much more.