Reveal your one-of-a-kind voice, write authentic songs, & perform like a pro.

A two part masterclass with over 8 hours of material to get you real and ready to make music like a pro.

Next session is November 18th and 19th at 1pm on both days.

Do you have music dreams and want to reveal the absolute PURE Potential of YOU?

Register for our 6 week, 3 month, or 1 year program, Real Resonance and get EVERYTHING!  

It’s like music school squared!



Powerful, One-of-a-Kind Vocals

I will never be able to teach you 'how' to sing, much like I don't need to teach you how to breathe. I can, however, guide you in uncovering the powerful and pure voice you were born with. In this class, we discuss fundamentals and experiment with tools to find natural tone and color and optimal breath support. You'll become your own best coach and you likely won't even need me soon enough.


Immersive Language

We will look at reading and writing music in a new way. Sheet music is great for classical music, but for all other genres, there are many other types of charts that are likely a better choice. We'll have a crash coarse on reading charts on stage and how to write them for particular situations. We will even check out the Nashville Number System!


Writing Authentic Songs

Writing authentic songs comes with the ability to let go of labels such as 'corny vs cool' or 'right vs wrong'. A label-less mind will find flow as opposed to force and the ideas will never stop.


Practice Like a Pro

Practicing properly is both an art and a science. There are rules that must not be broken, but you can also have fun with it. We will take a deep dive into my 'Practice Like a Pro' e-book and you'll never make another complaint about 'not making progress'.


The Sound of Your Band

Every band needs a signature sound. We'll study other bands and what makes them unique and then dive into making our own.


Letting Go!d

We will address the main components of what I like to call 'Letting Go!d' and how to 'flow over force' in all aspects of music and life. If you want a deep dive on the topic, register for the full Letting Go!d Workshop!

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